About us

Pawel Majka, CEO

He has been passionate about motorization since he was a child and has been in the car repair business for over 30 years. He received specialist training and education in the field of car repairs in Poland, where he was developing his skills for many years. After coming to the USA, he worked for such renowned companies as Gerber and Import Auto, constantly learning technical innovations and polishing his client service skills. In 2015, he finally made his dream come true and opened his own Paul Auto Repair company. Since then he has prided himself on thousands of satisfied customers. His passion, apart from the wonderful family, is the renovation of old muscle cars.

Aneta Majka - Office Manager

Pawel is the heart of the team, Aneta is its soul. It is she, who supports the family business every day by taking care of thousands of things that are needed for the body shop to run at high speed. She takes care of the company's finances and corporate culture. Like she says: "Often the actions behind the curtain are as important as the actions on the stage, in the spotlights."

Michal Mazurek - Client Service Manager

His passion are fast cars and business. He realizes them having the Business as the major in his education and in his spare time he constantly improves and upgrades his powerful custom Nissan, in which he has a huge company’s support. Michal is Paweł's right hand, dividing his workday between office tasks and what he loves – cars repairs. By joining the team, Michal brought his passion and youth, which combined with Pawel's great experience are now foundations of company’s fast growth.

Why choose us

When you choose us, you can be sure your best interest is our top priority. From the moment you make that first call, to when you pick up after the scheduled repair or service, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be handled with the utmost precision, quality, and attention to detail. At Paul Auto we take pride in knowing that when it comes to your vehicle, we ARE the best choice. We guarantee that!

We make auto repair and maintenance more convenient for you.

We are friendly, helpful and professional group of people

Our professionals know how to handle a wide spectrum of cars makes and models

We get the job done right, the first time