Great shop highly recommend them. Excellent work and really quick.
Been working with Paul for a few years now. He did many of my cars, outstanding work done with professionalism. If you need any body work done I highly recommend him.
Tony Whips Automotive
Bought in my Audi A4 with damage to the front hood, bumper as well as the driver fender. He explained everything to me about what the process will be and how long it will approximately take. Really satisfied with the work he did making the Audi look brand new. Thanks a lot once again.
Paul and Mike are both great guys to work with. They fixed and painted my front bumper. Really happy with how it turned out and the professionalism of the shop as well as the guys.
If you need anything painted, Paul Auto Repair is the place to go.
Got my Honda Accord, hit in the back, went through my insurance. Mike explained the whole process with the insurance really well. He set me up with a rental car as well.
Really great customer service
Called Paul about ordering and painting a fender for my truck. Process went really well, had a brand new fender painted the next day.
I contacted Paul Auto Repair about fixing my car. We had agreed on everything. They even picked up the car from my house and dropped it off after all the work was done. Making my life easier. I give them 5 stars.
Great shop. Really clean, well maintained as well as customer service was professional.
I had a project but was not sure which shop to go with. Until my friend recommended me Paul Auto Repair. I stopped by to talk with Paul about what I want to do with the project. 2 weeks later my project car was all finished up. I was really excited with how well they did everything. Definitely will be back with more projects. thanks.
I have known Paul a very long time. I always go to his shop with any problems I have with my car.
Need any parts ordered. Call Paul Auto Repair. I have ordered parts from him for many years without any problems
If I could give more than 5 starts for Paul Auto Repair I would. Love his shop, with his new location in Schamburg it gives me an advantage since I live so close. So if i have any problems with the car I always go to him.